January 20, 2009

Living A Life With No Regrets

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Today was an interesting day for me. I just broke contact with a long time friend. She is someone who is very special to me but I have feelings for her that she does not have for me. The friendship was becoming just to painful for me and I had to cut it short. I am a little saddened by this but I realize that it is better to pursue what you want and fail than to fail to pursue what you want and always wonder what if or what could have been.

There is a freedom that lies in back of the pain of failure. The freedom of knowing that you did all you could do and you gave yourself a chance. You may have lost the game but at least you played. So many people spend life on the bench. They see the opposing players of life and can never build the courage to ask the coach to play.

Yes, I have disappointment and hurt, but I also have victory. The victory of knowing that though I may not achieve everything, I will fear nothing. Not rejection, not failure, not anything.


Things Are About To Change!

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Hello All,

Welcome to the Effect Change Blog Page. My name is Frederick and I created this page for those of you that are looking for something better in life. Deep down inside there is something in you that is crying out for change. You want to live your true identity. On that does not have a label or a title.

Many of us live our whole life and we never really know who we are. Either because we never ask or we are just to afraid to find out. Many of us are scared to dream again because of past disappointments and setback and over time we fail to realize that who we really are is wrapped up in the dream we gave up on. If you throw away your dreams you are throwing away yourself.

Our goal at Effect Change Enterprises is to help all those who want to live again, find their way home and truly live the life that they really want to live.